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All things chocolatey! 06.03.14

What a chocotastic week we have had! We started by carrying out a survey of our favourite chocolate bars in our Maths session. We then created pictographs and block graphs to record our findings and discussed what we had found out.
Then we moved on to actually tasting the bars to help us think of lots of adjectives and descriptive phrases. This led on to designing our own chocolate bar, linking with our LIteracy text "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". The children then had to write a letter to Mr Willy Wonka to persuade him to use their design idea.
During the week we have finally finished making our jellies and now we have begun to think ahead to making a chocolate refrigerator cake. In today's Maths session we have been calculating the amounts of ingredients and in our Science learning next week we will be making the recipe and looking for reversible and irreversible changes.
Also on a cooking note, thank you to Sophie and Vaila for bringing in some delicious baking for our Family Project. William has created a wonderful centre-piece for our Learning Wall and Vaila's recipe will also be on view as well.

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