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Pizza making day! 11.10.19

Pizza making day! 11.10.19


On Monday we made our very own pitta pizzas!! We read the recipe together, checking the list of ingredients and equipment making sure we had everything that we needed. Then we worked in groups to assemble our pizzas, talking about the different toppings and getting them ready to put in the grill. We talked about how to keep safe when near the oven. Mrs Tite explained that when the red light is showing the oven is getting hot and we must be very careful. We must always let the grown ups touch the oven as it get very hot and we could burn ourselves. Grown ups use oven gloves to protect their hands when they are touching hot things and getting trays out of the oven. 

We made sure to follow the instructions in the recipe, using the pictures to help us. First we used a spoon to spread tomato passatta over the base of our pitta pizzas. We then sprinkled some mozzarella cheese and Italian herbs over the tomato. We had a sniff and smelt the herbs!! Then we chose our own toppings from a selection of peppers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pineapple and red onion. We used our hands to carefully pick up the toppings and place them over our pizza base. Everyone was very excited to try new things, being very adventurous with their toppings.

The pizzas smelt so tasty when they were cooking!! They were really making our tummies hungry ready for lunch! When they came out of the oven the cheese was all melted and they looked very yummy! We let them cool then put them into bags ready to take home and share with our families. We hope you enjoyed eating your pizza at home!! Maybe you could share the recipe and show your family how to make pitta pizzas at home!


This week we have been learning more about fruit and vegetables and thinking about where they come from. Inside our new Curiosity Cube was a pumpkin and a colourful squash! (Lots of us thought it was a different coloured pumpkin!) We have also been busy pretending to be the chef and waiters/waitresses in our very own 'Pizza Parlour!' It has been lots of fun!


We hope you all have a super weekend! See you next week for more food, fun and learning!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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