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Our Banquet 11.12.14

This week we have been preparing for our Knights and Castles Topic Exposure. An Exposure is when we show the parents our learning. We are turning our classroom into a Great Hall and having a banquet. We plan to set the tables up as they would have done in Tudor times and eat some Tudor food. We have made gingerbread (Tudor style) to give to the parents and hope to offer some bread and jam.


We have all decided which character we would like to be at the banquet table. This ranges from knights, kings, queens, priests and jesters and we have all made a hat to represent this.


In Tudor, castle times there would be entertainment. Therefore we will entertain the parents with our castle poem, castle song and tell some of our short castle stories and jokes.


We are really looking forward to this event and hope that the parents will be able to make it. As you can see from the photographs some of the hats we have designed also have accessories for us to show. The photographs also show us making our Tudor style gingerbread.a

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