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Our trip to France 25.5.16

We had a pilot come to visit our class today. It was Penny's dad and he took us to France on his aeroplane. He gave us talk about the parts of an aeroplane and told us about the different countries that he had been too. The pilot then gave us boarding passes and we waited in the boarding lounge. When it was time we went to the correct gate number and boarded the plane. Two children became pilots and two children became cabin crew. The cabin crew showed us to our seats and then showed us where the exits were. They then told the pilots that  everyone had their seat belts on and it was safe to go. The pilots took off and  after a couple of hours we landed in Paris. It was a smooth take off and landing. We looked at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. It was a great trip and we finished off by asking the questions about being a pilot.

Thank you to Penny's dad for a great experience.

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