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The Bad Tempered Ladybird! 28.6.19

The Bad Tempered Ladybird! 28.6.19


This week we have been reading the Bad Tempered Ladybird story. We made another story map with pictures and added actions to help us remember what happened in the story and to retell it in our own words. Our Giant children have been retelling the story in their writing and writing speech bubbles for the grumpy ladybird. We have used our speech bubble writing to display pictures of our faces as grumpy ladybirds!


We have also been very excited to spot our first caterpillar start to pupate and change into its’ chrysalis! This week we noticed the caterpillars had all become much bigger! We could more easily spot their spikes and patterns; looking closely at their eyes and legs. On Wednesday there was one starting to hang from the lid of the pot, with its tail curled up. When we came back to school in the morning on Thursday the shell was hardening around the chrysalis and we could even spot gold flecks on the outside. We have been so very careful and gentle with the pot when looking at our caterpillars. We know they are very fragile when they are at the stage of changing. We have spotted another few caterpillars starting to hang from the lid now too! Next week we will be able to transfer the lid of the pot inside the butterfly net ready for when they emerge as butterflies!


On Thursday we started practising different races for Sports Day! We had lots of fun running along the track, trying to stay inside the lines! We practiced the egg and spoon race, balancing the egg carefully! And lots of other fun races; some with huge bouncy balls! Mr Treble has left us lots of races to practise over the next few weeks! We are getting very excited for our first Sports Day with the school. It will be lots of fun!


With the brighter weather we have been able to enjoy lots of outdoor learning; making cups of fruity tea in the water tray, playing in the role-play shop and hunting for mini beasts in the peace garden and across on the big field! We have of course also been remembering to water our lovely new garden!!


Next week we will be reading ‘Spinderella’ and learning more about spiders!! We will be thinking about what they eat and where they like to live.


We hope you all have a restful weekend, ready for another busy week of learning! See you next week!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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