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Week 3 in our class 18.09.14

Wow!! What a fun packed week we have had in the Trendle Class. Our learning has ranged from exploring the Peace garden for things that make us exclaim ‘wow!!’ to creating self portraits of ourselves using pencils, paints and collage and then investigating our senses in Science. We have also continued to learn about place value in Maths and writing stories in English.
The pictures here show our Science investigation. The children had to explore a different sense on each table. One of the tables had feely bags where we had to guess what objects were in each bag, another table was full of secret smells, then we had a table with different flavour crisps and the children had to guess the correct flavour….this is trickier than you may think!!! Out of the final two tables one had some very interesting objects on which the children were studying through magnifying glasses and a sound table where we had to guess the sound in each cup.
At the end of the lesson we voted on our favourite table and guess which one won……………………yes it was the tasting table. That was our favourite sense of the day!

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