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Storytelling Day! 1.3.19

Storytelling Day 1.3.19


Welcome back to all! We have had a busy week introducing our new topic for the term ‘Once upon a time’. We have been thinking about the different characters we know from fairy stories and books. We read the traditional tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ together and have been enjoying dressing up as the characters and retelling the story in our own words.


On Tuesday we had a special visit from the author and storyteller Chris Connaughton! He told us the traditional tale ‘The Gingerbread Man’ but in his own words, adding different characters and changing some parts to make the story his own. We really enjoyed joining in with actions and words and listening to all Chris’ different storytelling voices!! He set us the challenge of making up our own version of the story. We thought of some different animals the gingerbread man might meet and described how he might be eaten/what the animal would say to him! We also created our own gingerbread man, decorating him with buttons and patterns. The visit has inspired our Giants to think of and tell their own stories!! It was a fantastic learning capture for our new topic!


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