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Dress up as your Favourite Animal Day! 9.11.20

We have loved dressing up as our favourite animals and sharing our costumes with our friends today! We each had the chance to stand up and show off our costume, telling everyone in a confident voice who we had dressed as and where the animal might live. There was a diverse range of costumes with animals from the African savannah, the woods, insect world, animals we keep as pets and even creatures from the ocean! Thank you everyone for all your efforts with helping the children with their costumes. 

During the day we had lots of discussions about the animals we were dressed as. We also talked about which animals were nocturnal or diurnal! Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite were dressed as a mouse and a bat. We realised that both of these animals usually sleep during the day, so we had to watch out for them yawning or looking sleepy so we could wake them up again! (Everyone found this quite funny!) We also discovered that bats sleep upside-down and are the only mammals that can fly! We then sorted the nocturnal and diurnal animals, thinking carefully about which animals sleep during the day and are active at night like the owls in the story we are reading this week, The Owl Babies. Lots of our activities during exploring time will be linked to this story; including our story tray where we can use the finger puppets to retell the story in our own words. Adding voices for the owlets Sarah, Percy and Bill. 

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