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Confident Computing and Shape Hunting! 12.03.15

Confident Computing

This week we were very lucky to have a whole class Computing lesson with helpers from our community. Richard and Judy came along to help us learn to log-in to our laptops and to help us create a 'Dangerous Dinosaur' on our painting program. The children were so Confident and Conscientious even though it was difficult learning. We have printed our Dangerous Dinosaurs out and have put them in our Learning Journeys for everyone to see. Giant Class were very proud of them!


Shape Hunting!

This week in our Maths learning we have been learning about shapes. Giant Class have been trying really hard to learn to describe shapes as well as learn their names. The children have been engaged and excited about their learning this week. They particularly enjoyed going on a 'Shape Hunt' around the playground - they were finding shapes everywhere! Miss Cook couldn't move quick enough to see them all! We have also made some fantastic dinosaurs from our shapes.


What shapes can you find at home? Perhaps you could have a shape hunt at home?!


Terrific Teachers!

This week Giant Class have been having lots of fun role-playing teachers in their 'Choosing Time'. They have been pretending to be Miss Cook, Mrs Herbert and Mrs Dalgleish! They have been teaching each other phonics using Miss Cook's phonics resources, going around the classroom being 'Learning Detectives' writing down their friends learning on their clipboards and marking each others' learning by 'Pinking and Greening' each others learning! It has been wonderful to see as the learning that has come from it has been fantastic!

We now have a little 'classroom' in our class for the children to use for role-play.


Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely Mummies in Giant Class!


Miss Cook




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