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Planting climbing beans at the allotments! 25.5.22

This morning we walked to the allotments and planted our 'climbing beans'! First we had to prepare the ground and dig out all the weeds. We used our trowels to dig and pull the weeds making sure to get the roots as well as the plant. Then we dug small holes underneath the bamboo stakes. We then put a little compost into the holes before gently taking our beans out and planting them into the hole. We then topped them up with some more compost. Our beans had already grown very tall so were quite fragile, we had to be very gentle with the stems to make sure they didn't break.
While at the allotments we found all sorts of creatures who must love the rain! We found some worms, slugs, snails and even a ladybird and a wiggly green caterpillar! As we were digging our holes for the beans we also came across lots of small white eggs. We thought perhaps they may have been caterpillar eggs!
Hopefully our beans will continue to grow well now they are planted out in the allotment. We look forward to going back and checking on their progress!

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