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Elves and Christingles! 04.12.19

Elves and Christingles!

This week in Trendle we have had great excitement! We have been visited by an elf from the North Pole! His name is Elvin and will be visiting us each day to check up on us from Father Christmas! He hides in very funny places. He has brought us some notes and we have been trying to help him learn as well as some of his punctuation has been muddled! He has been a bit cheeky though and ate some of Mrs Cain's sweeties for our Christingles! He also visited the village hall for PE and took all the balls and emptied them all over the hall!!! We think we may need to report him to Father Christmas! 

We have enjoyed a very special reflective day on Wednesday where we learnt about Incarnation. Can your child tell you what that means? In the morning we made Christingles which the children loved. We hope they could tell you what it meant before they enjoyed eating the fruit and sweeties!! In the afternoon they went on their trip to the United Church in Dorchester for the 'Journey to the Stable.'

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