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Magical potions 13.03.14

This week, in Literacy, we have been focusing on the text 'George's Marvellous Medicine'. The children have had great fun creating a recipe for a potion to make Grandma kinder. They have come up with some amazing  lists of weird and wonderful ingredients, and I almost feel sorry for Grandma! Next week, we will be writing a character description of Grandma and then looking at a script of the story to learn more about the features of plays. This will lead  us into trying to write our own scripts for different sections of the story.
In our Science learning this week, we have been thinking about different food groups and how they help to keep us healthy. Following on from this, the children devised their own healthy meal, using art and craft resources to create a 3D version on a plate.
Next week will have a strong Art focus, when we will be making drawings of still life 'food' and creating fruit and vegetable faces and people in the style of Arcimboldo.

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