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Trip to Weymouth Sea Life Centre! 17.5.19

Sea Life Centre Trip! 13.5.19


On Monday the Giants and Ducklings went to Weymouth Sea Life Centre! It was a very busy and exciting day! We had lots of fun meeting lots of different underwater creatures and learning more about them!  


We explored the whole park together, collecting stamps for each area in our own logbook. We saw all sorts of different creatures, large and small! We even got to walk through the ocean tunnel and watch huge sea turtles; sharks and stingrays swim over our heads! 


The smallest creatures we saw were tiny seahorses in the seahorse nursery. The baby seahorses were even smaller than our baby finger nails! Some of them were almost see-through! It was funny watching them swim, bobbing gently up and down again. 


We also got to see starfish and sea urchins in the rock pool area! If we were very gentle we were able to touch the starfish! They felt cold and a little slimy! They had suckers and little ‘feelers’ that were quite wiggly! 


We also saw some bigger animals like the penguins, seals and otters! They were all very good swimmers and we were able to watch them swimming underwater through the windows. The seals were funny because they could swim on their backs! We listened to a keeper talking about the otters and watched them each their dinner. They were very hungry! They held their food with their front paws and nibbled away gently. 


After seeing all the creatures we had a little play in the big adventure park! It was a super day and the children had lots of fun! Have a look at all the pictures! 


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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