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Number Fun! 15.03.13

Number Fun!
This week in Giant Class we have been very busy in Maths. We have been enjoying reading ‘One is a Snail, Ten is a Crab’ which is full of number fun! We have been learning how to add, take away and count! We have been using feet (!), bugs and our new resource Numicon.


Challenge Time!
After Miss Cook had set counting challenges for Giant Class, some of the children chose to create a long line of cubes as a challenge for Miss Cook. We all estimated how long it was and had several suggestions ranging from 101 to 9, 000, 000! None of us were quite right – there were 435! Giant Class were very co-operative learners and helped Miss Cook to count them- Miss Cook considered giving up but was reminded to be conscientious and to keep trying!!!
We were all exhausted after all that counting! 

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