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What a Week! 13.02.14

What a week!

We had a wonderful visit from some gorgeous lambs this morning! The children loved seeing the lambs and learnt lots. A big thank you to the Horsingtons for bringing them in and helping us to learn.
Toys for All!

We all had a very exciting afternoon, Abbey Class were very generous and gave us each a toy they had made in their Design and Technology lessons. All the children were very grateful and courteous. Thank you Abbey Class!
Mrs Edwards’ Birthday

We all enjoyed celebrating Mrs Edwards’ birthday, we were all treated to a yummy piece of chocolate cake! Thank you very much Mrs Edwards! We made her a card and gave her a gift.
Learning Exposure
Thank you to all parents for coming to share your children’s learning journeys with them. It was wonderful to see you all and great to see the children so proud of their learning.   

Miss Cook

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