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Celtic food

This week we have continued to focus on instruction texts, but with the emphasis on cooking and following recipes. The children expressed a desire to include cooking in our learning about the Celts during our discussions at the end of the Summer term. So, with some very welcome help from Mrs Quinn, we tested our chopping and dicing skills to make an Irish stew ( both meat and vegetarian). The end result was delicious, and the children polished off every last mouthful! It was great to see such enthusiastic eating!

Alongside this, we have been using books and the Internet to research other types of food that the Iron Age Celts ate. We have also been reminiscing about our activities at the New Barn Field Centre, where we used querns to grind wheat into flour, and made butter. Future cooking activities will include making our own bread, and some more butter to go with it.

The children are also developing and improving their Computing skills so that they can present information that they have learnt about the Celts. They are doing this using the 2Publish program which allows them to make booklets combining pictures and text. I look forward to reading all about 'A Day in the Life of a Celt'.

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