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Trip to Nether Cerne Farm 12.10.18

Our trip to Nether Cerne Farm 12.10.18


Today Giant class went out on their very first class trip to visit a local arable farm. We met the farmer, Mr Gallia who introduced us to the farm and told us about the different crops they grow. He had made us a yummy brownie treat! As we were eating he encouraged us to think about what ingredients are needed to make them. We thought about the eggs, flour and oil that are needed to make brownies. He showed us some bowls with different grains and beans. We looked closely and had a chance to feel the different grains. The golden coloured grains were wheat and barley, the smaller black grains were oilseed rape and the larger hard pieces were beans.

He showed us what happens when you grind the wheat grains and the oiled rape grains. He showed us that the wheat can be ground down to make flour that we might use when baking! The oilseed rape grains became very sticky and oily, he explained that these are used to make the oil we use for baking and cooking. 

We then collected our trowels, spades, forks and rakes and went up to see the fields where the barley is grown. Mr Gallia showed us the barley seeds that were planted at the beginning of September and have already started growing! He showed us how we would use our tools to plant seeds by hand. But he explained that on big farms when they have lots of seeds to plant in large fields, they use special machinery to help them. We then went down to the yard and looked at the tractors, the combine harvester and the headers. Mr Gallia helped us to spot the different colours and read the names of the John Deere tractors and the older Ford tractor. We each had a chance to climb up into the cab and sit in front of the drivers wheel! We were very high up!! 

On the way back down to the barn, we stopped at the grain store, and saw all of the barley that had been harvested over the summer. It was filled so high, almost to the roof!! 


We had such a fantastic time exploring Mr Galia's farm learning lots about the crops they grow and how they are used to make lots of our food!


Thank you to Mr Gallia and everyone at Nether Cerne Farm!


Miss Stephens 

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