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We're Going on a Bear Hunt- Trip to the Farm! 13.09.21

What a fun filled and action packed day at the farm! 


The journey itself was very exciting, travelling on a big coach with huge windows and very soft seats! When we arrived we were met by Chrissy who was our outdoor teacher for the day. She gave us a tour of her farm, showing us where the animals live and explaining the different fences and how we can keep safe on the farm. We then went into her outdoor classroom and had our snack while she told us more about her family and the animals and plants on their farm. She read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt!' before taking us on a real hunt for bears in the woods behind the classroom! We found 8 bears hiding in different places, thinking of good names for them to describe where they were found. 


We then had our own teddy bears picnic outside sitting on log slices in the woods and eating our packed lunches. After lunch Chrissy taught us about the different habitats on their farm and which creatures might be found there. We learnt about raft spiders that can walk on water, dragonflies, bats, owls and even very rare ladybird spiders! We played a game adding actions and pretending to be the different animals. 


When it was time to walk back to the coach we walked through the polytunnel and saw lots of fresh fruits and vegetables growing! There were big juicy strawberries, salad leaves, raspberries, courgettes, asparagus and so much more! 


A big thank you to Wessex Wild and Chrissy for having us for the day and also to the parent volunteers who came to support us on the coach and were very much needed for handwashing in the pump basin station! Your child can now say they have experienced using a compostable toilet!!

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