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Week 2 in the Trendle class 12.09.14

Trendle class have enjoyed a fun week of learning. We have started our topic work and have practised drawing various features of our faces. We have also enjoyed looking at Andy Warhol's work and trying to imitate him using both paint and the computers. We plan to practise a little bit more with images of our favourite pictures before we move on to trying to alter images of ourselves. We will keep you informed about how we do.

An important part of this week has been ensuring that our classroom routines are in place, the children now have special jobs for each day to ensure that our classroom runs smoothly. We have also started to create a visual timetable which includes pictures of the us learning to make us aware of what is happening at each part of the day.

An exciting addition to our timetable is a JIGSAW time. This is a circle time where we share our thoughts and feelings. Our JIGSAW companion is a soft, jigsaw shaped toy called Jack. We particularly enjoy calming down for this session by listening to a chime. We talked about making good choices this week and helping people feel welcome in school.

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