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Our Trip to Pizza Express! 29.11.19

Visit to Pizza Express! 29.11.19


On Monday we had a super morning visiting Pizza Express! We travelled on the mini bus (which was very exciting!!) to Brewery Square and walked around to the restaurant. We were welcomed at the door by the host who showed us where to sit and helped us to wash our hands ready for cooking! We were dressed in aprons and put on our chef hats! We were looking very professional!! 

Our host then showed us some pictures of key ingredients used to make traditional margarita pizza. We thought about what the foods were and where they come from. We talked about basil leaves (we had a sniff), tomatoes (we could talk about the tomatoes we had grown in our garden at school), olives and mozzarella cheese. Lots of us were able to explain cheese is made from milk...not play dough!!! (After some initial confusion!!) We then had the opportunity to taste these different foods. Lots of us were very adventurous and enjoyed sampling the different foods, everyone at least had a smell of the exciting ingredients.

We were then given our pizza tray and pizza dough. It had been rolled out by the pizza chef. He had been doing lots of tricks when rolling out the dough; even tossing it into the air above his head! We were given a good dollop of tomato passatta and used a spoon to spread it around the base (trying not to let it touch the edges of the tray). Once we have covered all the base, we added the toppings. We sprinkled mozzarella pieces over all the base, spreading them out to make sure our pizzas would be nice and cheesy! We could add extra toppings from the table if we wanted. We then had the option to sniff and sprinkle a little oregano over our pizzas. It had quite a strong smell, not everyone wanted to try the oregano this time. 

When the pizzas were ready they were collected and taken to the big ovens. They didn't take very long to cook! We could smell them cooking and it made us feel very hungry!! Once they were finished the pizza chef used his long spatula to lift the pizzas from their bases and into the pizza boxes- ready for us to eat back at school! 

We got ready to leave, saying a big thank you to the host and pizza chef who had looked after us! When we got back to school we had a special 'Pizza party' sampling our tasty pizzas and drinking party squash. We hope they enjoyed eating their tasty pizzas! It was a fantastic trip, we hope your child enjoyed sharing the pictures on Tapestry and telling you all about it! 



This year Giant's and Ducklings are going to be dressed as stars in the school nativity play. Please could they wear either black, white, gold or silver costumes. T shirts, trousers, leggings, jumpers, dresses are all acceptable with added tinsel if you would like to.


Our Nursery Rhyme Challenge will be held on Wednesday 11th December at 2.45pm. Please bring along any family members to watch our performance. We will collect the children's sponsorship forms the week after the performance. If you have any questions about your child's part/costume for the rhyme performance, please come and ask.


We hope you have a super weekend!


Miss Stephens & Mrs Tite

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