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Releasing our butterflies! 12.7.19

Releasing our butterflies! 12.7.19


We were very excited to come to school Monday morning and find our five butterflies had emerged from their pupas! Inside the net still on the lid of our pot were the empty chrysalis’. They still held their shape but were transparent and fragile looking. Our butterflies were beginning to stretch their wings, fluttering around the net showing off their beautiful red, black and white patterns! When they closed their wings we could see a more muted brown pattern. We found out this is to protect them and help them to disguise themselves against plants and leaves. We made sure we had lots of tasty flowers, juicy fruit and ‘nectar’ for our butterflies to feed on. We watched them drinking, seeing their long tongues poke out; sucking up the juice like a straw! We completed the final page of our caterpillar diaries, documenting the final stage in the butterfly’s lifecycle. The children have found it fascinating watching our caterpillars grow and change inside the classroom! 


On Friday it was time to release our butterflies! We carefully carried the net up to the peace garden and released our butterflies one by one, waving them goodbye and wishing them well! It was lovely watching them embrace their freedom, fluttering away to find a juicy flower for lunch! 


Well done to all our Giants and Ducklings for all the effort shown at their very first Sports Day! It was a warm afternoon, but the children took the activities in their stride, enjoying taking part in the activities and races with their teammates! The children were very supportive of their friends and celebrated everyone’s achievements! Well done to you all! Thank you to all the parents and family members who came to support! And even participated in the final races!! Congratulations to the Green team who were the proud winners of the Sports Day Cup 2019!


We have also been making preparations for our end of term party next week! We thought out the party food we would like to serve and put together a shopping list. We walked down to the village shop and brought some treats for our party. We looked out for the fair-trade logo on the chocolate bars. We have also been baking some tasty biscuits in preparation for our party! We followed a recipe, weighing out and mixing the ingredients then rolling and cutting out the biscuit shapes. They smelt so yummy! We can't wait to taste them next week!


I hope you all have a quiet and restful weekend. Make sure you save some energy for our sponsored walk at Weymouth beach on Monday!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite



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