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Supertato! 18.10.19

Supertato! 18.10.19


This week we have been reading the story 'Supertato!’ By Sue Rendra. Everyone has had great fun reading about the adventures of the escapee evil pea and the havoc he causes with the supermarket vegetables! In the story Supertato was there to save the day and help capture the evil pea!! We had lots of fun looking at the vegetable characters inside our curiosity cube, recognising the carrot that had been stuck to the conveyor belt with plasters!! The broccoli that had been drawn on and the cucumber wrapped up in toilet roll! And of course our very own, Supertato!  But there was one character missing….dun dun dun!! The evil pea must have escaped again!! The children worked together to come up with a plan to tempt and trap the evil pea! We found a small cage (pea sized!!) and used mini marshmallows to lure him in. Someone realised it would be dark at night time when the pea might come out so made some ‘glow in the dark’ stars for the marshmallows to sit under. The trap was set with a piece of string, tied from the door to the cage so that when the pea stepped inside for the marshmallows the door would swing closed behind him and trap him in!! When we came to school the next day…the pea was trapped!! We had a letter from Supertato asking us to help him capture the pea. He said to let him know when we find him! So we all wrote our own letters to Supertato, putting them in a big envelope to post by ‘1st class potato mail’. We needed to ask Supertato what he wanted us to do with the pea!! Did he want us to put him back in the freezer where all naughty vegetables belong?! Or did he think the evil pea could change his ways and become a kind pea?! After much deliberation, we decided the pea was very sorry for all the trouble he had caused. We taught him all about being a kind friend and some fun games he could play with his friends instead. Supertato agreed, so we let him free!! Hopefully he sticks to his word and doesn’t cause any mischief in the houses in Cerne Abbas this weekend! Keep your eyes out everyone!! P.s. he really likes marshmallows!!


On Tuesday, as part of our learning about different harvest foods and vegetables; we found a recipe and made (and tasted!) some tomato soup! We looked carefully at the list of ingredients, equipment and method; using the pictures to help work out what to do next and what the finished soup would look like. We chopped an onion and carrot into small pieces and mixed with chopped tomatoes, tomato puree and vegetable stock. We each had a turn chopping the vegetables, using our hands to hold the piece still and the knife to chop. When we were chopping the onion it was making our eyes water a little bit! The carrot was just very jumpy!! We then put the vegetables in a pan with a little oil and let it cook. The onions smelt very yummy when they were cooking; they were making a sizzling sound in the pan! We then mixed the stock cube with warm water, stirring until it was dissolved. We took it in turns to add the stock to the pan, being very careful not to touch the hot sides. We gave it a stir then let it cook. 

We also made some croutons! We each had a slice of bread and used the cookie cutters to cut shapes and place on a tray. We put the bread into the oven to crisp up, turning over once to let it toast on both sides. After lunch we got to try our tomato soup! We sat around the table together, eating our soup and bread croutons as an afternoon snack! It was very tasty!! There were lots of tomatoey smiles! We will be sharing the recipe in the Cerne Abbas cookbook!


We hope you have a restful weekend, keep your eyes peeled for that pesky pea!!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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