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Amazing Animals! 7.06.13

Amazing Animals!

This week in Giant Class we have started our topic 'Amazing Animals'. We have set up a zoo in our classroom to help us learn about animals and how to look after them. We have set up lots of different areas and habitats for our animals to live in. The children all helped each other to find the right habitats for each animal, the hardest habitat to find was for the actic animals but we were saved by finding instant snow!!! 
We have been learning the story Dear Zoo this week so that we can be storytellers and tell the story without the book! We have learnt how to write letters and have sent our own letters to 'the zoo'! We have all asked for very differnt pets, including snakes, giraffes and lions! We hope to write our own Dear Zoo stories next week. 
We have also been creating our own music to represent different animals. The children learnt co-operatively in pairs to create their music and then performed to the rest of the class. Some super music was created! 

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