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Our Explorer Visit 19.1.15

In Trendle this week we had a visit from an explorer who has visited the Artic. He was very interesting.

He was called Ben and he started by telling us about his last trip to the Artic. He was all by himself and filmed his experiences which he showed us a film of.

He talked about the sort of clothes that has to wear when he is there and he let us try some of his clothes on.

He also talked about how the animals have blubber to keep themselves warm. We did an experiment using lard and ice cubes. We had to smother lard around one of our hands (through a plastic bag to protect us from the mess) and put this hand in icy cold water. We then put our free hand into the water and compared what it felt like. It was amazing how much warmer the hand in the lard (blubber) was. No wonder Artic animals are kept warm!!!


Our favourite learning of the day was discovering that polar bears do not have white fur!!! They actually have black skin and see through fur which looks white with the reflection of the sun!!!!! Wow!!

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