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Trip to Shire Hall 20.01.20

Trip to Shire Hall

We all had a fabulous time at Shire Hall this week. The trip was a great opportunity for the children to share their knowledge of The Great Fire of London so far and to link this learning to new learning about The Great Fire of Dorchester. They have many similarities and it helped them to learn more about the way of life for people in the 1600s. We looked at an old map of Dorchester and compared it to a modern map. After that we went for a walk down High West Street and saw one of the churches that survived the great fire, the one and only building which survived the fire and we spotted the blue plaque which is on the building where the great fire started. It started in a candle maker's, today it is an estate agents! I wonder if your children could spot it with you when you are next in town? When we returned to Shire Hall we explored the basement where they kept gun powder in the 1600's and where the prisoners were set free to help remove the gun powder during the great fire! The class then enjoyed making some peg dolls - like children may have made and played with at the time of the fire. It really was a super day of learning! I would definitely recommend it as a place to visit again as a family.


Our spellings for this week are...

Year 1 - you, my, by, his, has

Year 2 - child, children, Christmas, class, climb


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Cain

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