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Colour mixing & Autumn walk! 20.9.19

Colour mixing and Autumn Walk! 20.9.19


It’s been another busy week in Giant & Duckling class! We have been thinking especially about friendship and how we can be good friends to each other. We read the picture book ‘The Rainbow fish” and have been thinking about how we can share our special things to make our friends happy.  There has been lots of super sharing, turn taking and kindness in our classroom this week, well done Giants and Ducklings!


This week we have also been celebrating 100 years of the village of Cerne Abbas! We looked at some old black and white photographs of the village and school from 100 years ago. It was funny looking at the different clothes they were wearing! But lots of the shops and roads in the village looked the same!


After learning about the rainbow fish, we explored mixing our own colours for painting. We experimented with mixing the paint, using our hands and making hand print pictures! We have been learning about which primary colours can be mixed to make purple, orange, green and brown. We have also been mixing colours with white and exploring making lighter shades. It was very exciting choosing two colours and mixing to see what the new colour would be! It was a bit like magic!! We are going to use our handprint pictures to make some colour mixing displays to help us when we are painting. Hopefully we will be more confident mixing the colours to use independently during painting activities. 


On Thursday afternoon we enjoyed an Autumn themed sunny “Welly” Walk in the village, hunting for signs of Autumn. Before we went we thought about what we already know about Autumn and what we might expect to see. Lots of children were able to describe the leaves changing colour and falling off the trees. Someone also explained that when the weather gets colder some animals hide underground and hibernate! On our walk we noticed that lots of leaves are already changing, we collected some special autumn treasures to keep! We found lots of different trees, some with big leaves and others with smaller leaves. It was lots of fun! 


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend! See you Monday! Next week we will be learning about our bodies, thinking about our different senses and the bones inside our bodies!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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