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Harvest! 10.10.13

This week we have enjoyed celebrating Harvest. On Monday we went on a walk to the church to familiarise ourselves with the church ready for the Harvest Festival. Giant Class were very keen to learn about the different areas of the church and we had a good look around. We also said a prayer thanking God for Harvest.
On Tuesday, at the Harvest Festival, Giant Class performed their song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’ with Trendle Class. They sang beautifully and sang all of the other songs very well too. They were also extremely well behaved. Miss. Cook was very proud of them!

In class, we have been learning all about houses this week, we have been building them with lots of different construction materials and we have been drawing our own houses. Giant Class make great builders! There has been a lot of co-operative learning.
In Maths this week we have been learning about 2D shapes and have been having lots of fun playing games and making shape pictures.

In Phonics we have been learning lots of new sounds and the children are amazing Miss. Cook every day with their conscientious learning.  

Miss. Cook

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