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Out of Africa 26.06.14

Continuing our global theme, this week Trendle Class have been sharing some Creation stories from Ethiopia, focusing on one in particular called 'How the Tortoise Got Its Shell'. We talked about the style and plot of the story and then the children came up with some alternative stories such as 'How the Tiger Got Its Stripes' and 'How the Elephant Got Its Trunk'. They then made some story maps, which they used to help them write their stories.
Linking with this African theme, the children have also continued looking at animal skin patterns and other generic African design patterns. Next week we will be creating some sunset silhouette pictures incorporating different types of African animals.
In Maths, we have been focusing on presenting information in pictograms and block graphs. We have used data about previous World Cups such as Golden Boot Winers' Goals, Countries the have won the World Cup and Continents that have hosted the World Cup. The children have used the information to create pictograms and graphs, and they have then analysed what they can find out from the results.
The good weather held for us, and on Wednesday the school held its Sports Day. It was great to see all the children participating confidently and co-operating so well in their teams. There was a great competitive but sporting atmosphere and everyone was a winner in their own way.

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