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The Very Hungry Caterpillar! 21.6.19

The Very Hungry Caterpillar! 21.6.19


This week we have been reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar story. We created a story map with pictures and actions to help us retell the story in our own words. Our Giant children have been writing their own version of the story, thinking of their sentences and using story language in their writing. We created a class version of the story, each writing another page to add to the story!


We have been continuing to watch our caterpillars closely; they are now very fat! They are beginning to cling to the lid of the pot and are almost ready to start developing their chrysalises. We have been making observations of our caterpillars and drawing pictures of what we can see in our caterpillar diaries. We are very excited to see them change into beautiful butterflies like in the Hungry Caterpillar story!


This week we have also been thinking about how we can keep our bodies healthy. We talked about keeping active, drinking lots of water and eating healthy food. We thought carefully about the foods that are good for our bodies. We also talked about the foods that are less healthy. We decided that less healthy foods like cake, crisps and chocolate are okay to eat sometimes for a treat, but we should try not to eat them all the time. We remembered the advice from the nurse, suggesting we try and eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. So on Friday we decided to make healthy fruit smoothies! We carefully chopped up bananas and strawberries, mixing them together in the blender with orange juice to make some tasty fruity smoothie! They were very yummy! What a tasty way to fit in another few portions of fruit!


We had lots of fun dressing up as our favourite singers on Friday to raise money for our school charity Heart Response. Thank you for all your donations, the children looked fantastic!


We hope you have a restful weekend! Don’t forget to add to your diaries of experiences to share with your friends next week!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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