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Science Week! 13.3.20

Science Week! 13.3.20


This week we have been reading a story about a Messy Magpie, who collected what he thought were shiny presents left by humans in the woods and from cars. He gathered all this shiny rubbish and used it to decorate his nest. He was very proud of his growing collection until one day he noticed that the plants were not able to grow, the animals couldn't get into their homes and the river was becoming blocked by all the rubbish! He felt awful and decided he would do what he could to fix it. He followed a recycling truck and came across a big recycling center where the rubbish was being sorted and squashed so it could be reused and made into something new. He asked his friends to help him and he took all the rubbish he had collected to the recycling center. 


On Monday afternoon Mrs Bishop took everyone on a litter hunt around the playground. We wore special jackets and used litter pickers to collect pieces of litter, taking them back to the classroom to sort. We talked about the items, materials and how they can be recycled. 


On Wednesday afternoon Giant & Duckling class had a special forest school session with Mrs Cresswell and Mrs Tite! The afternoon session started sitting in a log circle, listening to a story with hot chocolate! During the afternoon the children created bird feeders, using recycled toilet rolls and fire cones. They covered the tube/cone with peanut butter or lard then sprinkled bird seed over the top. They are now hanging in our peace garden as a tasty treat for our birds! They also went on a minibeast hunt, looking closely for different insects underneath stones, logs and inside the hedges. They drew pictures of the minibeasts they found! They also worked in groups to build little homes out of natural materials to shelter the little creatures. 


During the week we have been learning lots more about what we can do to Reduce Reuse and Recycle. We have been making recycled crafts and models using junk model materials, creating our own recycled paper, pretending to be ‘metal detectors’ in the sand area and rescuing animals from floating plastic in the water tray. We have had lots of valuable discussions about what we can do to look after our world and how it is our responsibility to use less and recycle more. 


We hope you all have a restful weekend. See you next week for some more dinosaur learning! This time in the form of pirate dinosaurs!! 


Miss Stephens & Mrs Tite

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