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Safe and Secure, and a taste of the Celts 12.09.13

This week we have been learning about how we can keep ourselves 'safe and secure'. We began the week by considering how God helps us to keep safe and we wrote some prayers which we will include in Class worships this half-term. We also spent time walking around the school loking for possible areas of danger, and then we made posters to warn people so that they could stay safe.

On Tuesday, PC Geoff Galloway visited to talk to us about staying safe when using the Internet. The children always enjoy learning with visitors and PC Galloway put his message across in a fun and child-friendly way. Afterwards we developed our computer skills to make posters for our classroom display.

However, perhaps the biggest highlight of our week was our Celtic Learning Capture at the New Barn Field Centre. Here we were met by a 'Celtic' hill farmer who introduced us to different aspects of Celtic life. We had an introduction to the history of the Celts and the Romans and then we were invited into a Romano-British house where we sat around the fire and discussed the different features. Then it was time to think about food. After demonstrations from our host, the children were able to experience using querns to grind wheat into flour, and whisking milk to make butter. Then it was time for a quick 'Show and Tell' session to share our achievements before rushing back to school for our afternoon Games session. 

Up until half-term, our Games sessions will be led by Andy Harris from the FA skills football training programme.The aim is that children will have the opportunity to improve their skills, but even more importantly, to have fun! This takes us to the end of a busy week. Next week we begin our regular timetable where we will continue our learning about the Celts but also introduce our more focused reading, grammar and spelling sessions. We look forward to showing you more of our learning.

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