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Space Adventure 11.1.22

Today we had our special learning capture for our new topic, 'Journey to Space!'. When we got to school we realised our classroom had been transformed into a space ship! The classroom door was a space rocket door, with a sign warning us to wear our spacesuits! Inside the classroom was a space work station and sparkly stars and space music. 
We spent the morning learning more about the different planets in our solar system and making preparations for our trip to space! We watched information videos, looked at pictures & non fiction texts and sang along to a funny video about the planets (and even a new one about the dwarf planets!). 

This afternoon we geared up in spacesuits, wearing our spacehelmets and putting on our seat belts (we needed lots of imagination to help power up the rocket!!). We watched a video of a real space rocket launching into space, it was very loud and there was lots of steam and clouds! We then simulated our own rocket launch, counting down from 10...then blast off! 
During our flight we looked out of the porthole windows at the stars, spotting some flying meteors and asteroids! Then we had a bumpy landing on the moon! We had an explore, space walking over the rocky surface, being careful not to fall in the craters! We then went hunting for moon rocks, playing a game bouncing them slowly then faster and faster on a big sheet. It was lots of fun! Unfortunately too soon it was time to head back to earth. We got back in the rocket, taking our moon rock treasures with us! We travelled back to earth again landing with a bump!

We hope our imaginative space journey today inspired our learners about the planets and outer space!! We will be answering more of their questions and following their lines of enquiry over this new topic.

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