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Dining out 27.02.14

What a fantastic start we have had with our new topic learning about 'Food, Glorious Food!'.

We started the week with a visit from Mrs Wilkes (George and Martha's Mum) from Abbots Tearoom. She talked about how she plans the menus, orders all of the food and ingredients that she needs and works out the prices. We were amazed at how big the cartons of cooking oil and the bags of flour were! The children then had the chance to order food from a menu, and on Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes they visited the tearoom for their lunch. Mrs Bishop was very pleased to be able to go on both days! A big 'thank you' to Mrs Wilkes and her  staff for accommodating us.

In addition, we have also been carrying out surveys to find out our favourite fruit juice flavours, and then making pictograms and block graphs using this information. We then designed and made our own fruit juice cocktails which we thoroughly enjoyed sampling, and we plan to recreate these for our Learning Exposure later this term. We have also started making jellies to link with our Science learning about heating and cooling materials.

Finally, the children have had lots of fun exploring Capacity and learning to measure accurately using non-standard units(cups and yoghurt pots) and standard units (litres and millilitres). Luckily the weather has improved (some of the time), so we were able to do this out in the Courtyard, with a wonderfully wet time had by all!

Next week we move into the realms of all things 'chocolatety'! Join us again to find out more.

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