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The Princess and The Wizard 25.11.15

The Princess and The Wizard

This week we have been having fun learning about the story of 'The Princess and The Wizard.' The children have all been enjoying learning about the story and using this as a stimulus for their learning. Giant class have been making potions in the mud kitchen and in the Maths corner. In the Maths corner the children have been following my potion recipes, reading the number of objects they need to put in their bowl and then being wizards, mixing it up and turning me into all sorts of different things! I have so far this week been a princess, horse, piece of paper, diplodocus and a fierce dinosaur! Giant class have also been busy writing invitations for the princess's birthday and acting out the story. We have also been wizards in the creative corner mixing up lots of different colours to use for our paintings.

In Phonics this week we have been learning the sounds x and y and will be learning the z sound on Friday. In Maths we have been busy learning how to count and recognise more numbers.

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