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Making porridge! 11.5.22

This morning the Giants and Ducklings have been busy making porridge just like the Three bears 🐻🐻🐻!
We started by making sure we all washed our hands with warm water and soap to make sure our hands were nice and clean!
Next we all sat around the table, Mrs Tite then showed us a recipe for making porridge. She asked us what a recipe was? We came up with lots of ideas and decided that a recipe tells us what ingredients we need to make something and also the quantity needed. We thought that if we didn’t use the correct ingredients or the correct measurements then our porridge wouldn’t taste very nice! The children also said that the recipe would tell us what equipment we would need, things like bowls, spoons, saucepan and scales. The last bit of information on the recipe is a step by step list of how to make/ cook our porridge, we said that this was called the method. We also decided we needed to carefully follow this so our porridge would be yummy!

We carefully weighed and measured the oats and the milk followed by following the method on how to cook our porridge.
While Mrs Sullivan, Mrs Parry and Mrs Page stirred the porridge while it was cooking Mrs Tite read us the story of the Three bears!
Once our porridge was cooked we enjoyed eating our porridge, we even added some golden syrup and some yummy fruit to make it extra tasty!

Well done, Giants and Ducklings what yummy porridge you all made, ‘it was just right’! ☺️

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