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Castles and Shapes 28.11.14

We have had a fun week this week with our learning. In Maths we have been learning about shapes and fractions. Some of the pictures in our slide show gallery show the shapes that we found when we went on a shape walk around the school. You would not believe how many shapes there are around us!!! This helped us with our learning about the properties of shapes.


We have also been designing and making our own castles out of boxes. We wonder what you think of our finished products? Some of our initial designs were a little bit different from the final product but some of our designs were quite similar. We talked about what we thought of our final products and what we might do to improve them. We really enjoyed making and painting them and we you enjoy looking at them.


Finally this week we found out how people in Tudor castles did their writing. It was so interesting to learn that the quills were made out of goose feathers and the ink out of something called an oak gall. You will see a picture on our slide show of one. It is where a wasp lays its egg on an oak tree and the chemicals make it grow into a ball. The Tudors used to grind it into powder and a dark brown colour would come out which turned black. They also used horn books to do their writing on and their paper was made out of cotton.

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