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Traditional Tales 23.01.14

A main focus of our learning this week has been our continued study of Traditional Tales. We began by considering the special features of this type of text and then comparing these in different stories. We have now moved on to look more closely at the story of the 'Three Little Pigs' using a 'Talk for Writing' approach. This involves familiarising the children with key words and phrases and their accompanying actions, which will enhance their storymaking skills and the quality of their writing.
We have also linked this Literacy learning into our Design Technology sessions where we have begun to design and make our own Fairytale Castles. The children have put a lot of consideration and detail into their designs and I look forward to seeing lots of creative and individual interpretations.
In our Maths sessions we have focused on developing the children's ability to read and measure Time. We had lots of practise carrying out timing activities, and setting and drawing times. We then applied this in a problem-solving activity where we calculated the timings of Bob the Builder's workday schedule. Next week we will be moving onto addition calculations and problem-solving.

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