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Values Week 17.07.14

Our final week of learning has had a sporting emphasis. We have been thinking about Values, making links with our own 'C' values and the sporting values and attributes of our famous sportsmen and women.
On Monday, the Year 1 children had a fantastic archery experience with the 'Grey Goose' Archery Company where they had the opportunity to use real bows and arrows to aim at a target and at individual objects. All of the children showed great conscientious and co-operative learning dispositions and there were lots of budding Robin Hoods and Maid Marions.
On Tuesday, it was the turn of the Year 2 children, who travelled to the National Sailing Academy on Portland for an amazing paddle boarding and kayaking adventure. All of the children were very confident and participated enthusiastically in all of the activities.
Wednesday brought a whole-school cricket and rounders competition organised by Miss Notley and Mrs Price. The children were divided into mixed age teams and it was lovely to see the older children being so caring towards the younger ones.
This brings us to the end of the 2013-14 school year and all that remains is for me to wish everyone a  sunny and relaxing holiday.

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