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DASP Multi-Skills Festival at Dorchester Middle School 22.05.17

DASP Multi-Skills Festival at Dorchester Middle School

We had a wonderful morning at Dorchester Middle School with many other DASP Reception classes to take part in the DASP Multi-Skills Festival. It was lots of fun! We all went to different 'stations' where the children tried lots of different skills-based activities, including jumping, hurdles, running, throwing and archery. Giant Class were all of our values and did us all proud - everyone tried everything and had a great attitude to learning sport! The morning was very well organised and the Year 8 Sports Leaders ran it for us - they were all very helpful and supportive. It was lovely to have some parents come along and join in the fun too!

Thank you to Miss Nottley and Mrs Price for organising our trip and for Miss Nottley taking us on the minibus. (This is often the highlight of a trip for Giant Class!!)

Mrs Cain

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