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Nurse Visit and Our Learning Exposure 22.03.16

Nurse Visit and Our Learning Exposure


On Monday morning we had a visit from Vida's mum, a nurse. She taught us all lots about our bodies by sharing a special body book with us and by playing a game with us. Giant Class had to put the parts of the body on a cut out of Vida's body! They did very well!

After learning about our bodies, Vida's mummy showed us lots of different equipment that she uses in her job. Vida's mum tested them out on Miss Cook to show Giant Class how to use them and then they had a go themselves! They all made great nurses and doctors!

A huge thank you to Vida's mummy for coming in and helping us to learn! We loved it!


On Monday afternoon we had our Learning Exposure, thank you to all the parents who came in to share our learning with us. We had lots of fun singing our Maths songs to you, serving you Easter Biscuits in the café and showing you our Learning Journeys online.


We look forward to reading you our prayers tomorrow in the Easter Service.

We all wish you a very Happy Easter.


Miss Cook


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