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My Body! 27.9.19

My Body! 27.9.19


This week we have been learning more about our bodies, what’s inside them and how we grow!


We had lots of fun looking at photographs of some of us as babies and trying to guess who is who! Our faces and bodies have changed lots from when we were babies! Some of us have baby brothers and sisters and have been able to talk about what they like to do and how they change. 


We read the story 'Funny bones!' and started to think about the skeletons and bones inside our bodies. We used our hands to feel the bones inside our legs- we could feel our kneecaps and anklebones! We also felt the bones in our shoulders and above our tummies to see if we could feel our ribs. We watched a video that told us more about the important organs inside our body, our brain, heart and lungs. We learnt that the bones in our ribcage help to protect these important organs. We learnt about the important jobs these organs have to keep us alive and healthy. 


We have also been thinking about the parts of our bodies that we can see! We took photographs of our whole body and use post-it notes to label the different parts; arms, legs, neck, shoulders, hands, fingers etc. We also looked in the mirror and looked closely at the features on our face. We noticed the colour of our eyes and small details like freckles and eye lashes. 


We read a non-fiction book that helped us to learn about our 5 senses. We explored our senses with a fun game! We had to close our eyes and guess the different sounds, smells and objects by touching. Sometimes it was hard to guess! We realised that most of the time we use lots of our different senses at the same time. When we’re eating our lunch we are looking at the food with our eyes, smelling the food with our nose and tasting the food with our tongue! We can also sometimes hear the food we are eating if it’s very crunchy!! We touch our sandwiches or fruit when we are eating too! 


Alongside our learning about bones and bodies, our role-play area became a vets! We have had lots of fun tending to poorly animals (and pretending to be poorly animals!!), looking at x-ray pictures and nursing poorly creatures back to full health!


Next week we will be starting our next mini-topic ‘Harvest, food and farming!’ We will begin our new topic with a trip to a local arable farm! It is going to be a very exciting morning! Don’t forget your wellies and coats!


Have a super weekend! See you all next week!

Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite


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