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'Maths Matters' and Fairtrade 03.04.14

Our final week of the Spring term has been all about Maths with our 'Maths Matters' topic week. As well as lots of Maths learning linked to Money, we have also considered the message of the Fairtrade organisation, with the right for everyone to receive a fair amount of money for the work that they do.
We were fortunate to be able to start with a Fairtrade worship time with Jo. Thank you to Mrs O'Donnell for helping us to arrange this. The assembly had a 'Make Bananas Fair' theme which we continued in our classroom activities. The children made posters to inspire people to buy Fairtrade bananas and we then used these bananas to make banana bread (with a little Fairtrade chocolate added for temptation!). Everyone enjoyed one final chance to cook this term. The cakes, along with others made by Giant and Abbey classes, went on sale at a grand cake sale to raise funds for the Guide Dogs for the Blind.
Another big focus for the week was preparing for our Spring Assembly. In our Literacy learning, we finished writing our Acrostic poems, some of which were read out at the Spring Assembly. The other children worked on text from our previous writing 'All About Spring' which they then read as part of a whole class contribution. It was fantastic to see (and hear) what confident readers the children have become.
Next term, we move on to some new learning about Ruthless Romans and we look forward to sharing this with you.

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