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Happy New Year! 11.1.19

Happy New Year! 11.1.19


I hope you all had a very happy Christmas and enjoyed the holidays. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Giant class have been celebrating the new year by thinking about everything that is new; our new toys, a new term and a new topic- learning about Space! We are very excited to be going on a 'Whizz Bang Rockets' trip as a class at Thomas Hardy School next week!

We have made a big list of all the things we already know about space, and the questions/things we would like to find out! 

Giant class have decided they would like to know/learn: 

  • The names of all the planets 

  • Learn about what it is like inside a rocket

  • Find out about aliens!

  • Learn about the stars

  • Learn about astronauts 

  • And answer the question... Are the stars white or gold?


We are excited to find out lots more about space over our topic!! 


Giant class have also been learning about New Year celebrations and that it is a time to remember the year that has passed and celebrate a new year beginning. We have been thinking about the things we would like to get better at this year. Each member of Giant class has made their own New Years Resolution star with something they would like to practise to be better at this year!

Some children wanted to learn to ride their bike without stabilisers, others wanted to practise colouring inside the lines. There was also someone who wanted to practise diving with their head under the water at their swimming lessons! I'm sure we are going to work hard to meet our goals!! 


It's great to have you all back, what an exciting term we have ahead!


Miss Stephens



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