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Greek Week! 07.11.13

We have had a very exciting Greek Week filled with lots of fun learning activities. We started the week learning about Greek Myths; we read the story of Medusa and of Midas and his Gold. We acted out the story of Midas and his Gold, painted pictures of the characters in the myths and also did lots of colouring! We learnt about Greek pottery and designed our own pots on paper as well as making clay pots and plates ourselves! Giant Class amazed Miss Cook with their amazing pottery skills.
We also had a visit from two beautiful kittens! Thomas brought in his kitten from home called 'Pixie' and his sister's kitten 'Fay'. Giant Class loved meeting the kittens, thank you Thomas and his mummy for bringing them in.  
On Tuesday we had our Greek dressing up day. Thank you to everyone for making so much effort with costumes - everybody looked very authentic! We started the day with making houmous, each class made a different dish and then we shared all of our dishes at a Greek Feast after playtime. The houmous was not easy to make but Giant Class tried very hard to mash up all of the chickpeas and other ingredients and did a great job! We encouraged all of the children to try different dishes and lots of them were confident and tried new foods. We also learnt the story of 'The Wooden Horse of Troy' and in the afternoon made our own horses of Troy with their choice of materials.
On Wednesday morning we joined Abbey Class to research modern Greece in both books and on the internet. Giant Class loved learning with their buddies and Abbey Class made great learning role models. We also made Greek posters to put up in our 'Travel Agents' role play corner. In the afternoon we had a Cerne Abbas Olympics with sports from Ancient Greek times. We played discus, skittles, javelin and long jump in our school colour teams. It was wonderful to have the whole school together and was lots of fun!  
Today we have been enjoying lots of different activities in our classroom including, making passports, learning in our 'Travel Agents' role play corner and various phonics activities.

Wow - what a week!
Miss Cook

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