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Week 1 Commotion in the Ocean

This term we have a new topic...under the sea! We will be learning about lots of different underwater creatures, plants and having fun with mermaids and pirates too!


This week we started our new topic reading the Giles Andrea story 'Commotion in the Ocean'. We have been thinking about our favourite sea creatures from the story and drawing pictures of them. Some children have been writing sentences about their favourite creatures! 


Miss Stephens also set us a starfish challenge!! We had to research and find out what starfish eat and how they eat their food!

We learnt that starfish are carnivores and eat mussels, oysters and fish! They also eat in a very usual way! When they want to eat something they hold their food still with their 'suckers' and their stomach comes up out of their mouth to digest the food before going back inside the starfish's body again! It's very different to how we eat our dinner!


Have a look at see the learning Giant & Duckling children have been doing at school and at home this week!

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