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Caterpillars! 14.6.19

Minibeasts! 14.6.19


We have been watching our caterpillars closely and after only a week they have already doubled in size! We have been looking closely at their bodies, noticing how they wiggle and move and the tiny hairs spiking out of their backs! We have written the first entry in our ‘Caterpillar diary’, drawing a picture and writing a sentence about what we can see. We’ve noticed that they like crawling up the side of the pot and sitting on the lid! We are excited to see them grow even bigger!


This week we have been reading some information books, learning lots of facts about minibeasts! We have been looking closely at non-fiction books, using the contents page to find the information we want to read. We have been reading about insects and spiders and how to identify different bugs by counting their legs. Our Giant’s have made their own flap book, writing facts about their favourite minibeasts!


We have also been busy painting pebbles to decorate our new garden! We have been thinking carefully about our designs before we start painting, using pictures and examples to help us. We used tiny paintbrushes to help paint little eyes and small dots. We are looking forward to varnishing our pebbles and seeing them in our garden!


We are going to be reading the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ next week! We’re going to be retelling the story in our own words and thinking about healthy foods. We might even be making some healthy treats to taste!


Enjoy the weekend, see you on Monday!


Miss Stephens and Mrs Tite

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