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Tiddler's Late! 17.05.13

This week we started the week by reading the story 'Tiddler'. A story about a little fish who tells big tales! Tiddler makes lots of excuses as to why he is late for school so we decided to create and write a story to explain why he might be late. We had some great stories including, 'Sorry I'm late Miss, I met a shark! He chased me but I got away.'  'Sorry I'm late Miss, I met a shark and we played tennis!' and 'Sorry I'm late Miss, I met a Pufferfish and we played together.' Well done Giant Class for your great excuses! 
This week has been an exciting week in Giant Class as we have had lots of company! On Monday we learnt with Trendle Class and in the mornings this week we have learnt Phonics and Maths with Year One. We have all been very co-operative helping each other with our learning. 

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