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Week 2 World Oceans Day!

This Monday was World Oceans Day! We dressed in something blue to mark the occasion! We watched lots of videos, learning more about how important the ocean is for looking after plants, animals and all living things. We listened to the story 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' told by the author Sarah Roberts. It made us sad to think that turtles and other animals are harmed by the plastic and rubbish that gets washed into the sea. At school there were lots of children very passionate about collecting litter or plastic they see on the beach on their next trip! We will learn more this week about what is being done to look after these animals affected by plastic pollution. 


Remember the live cam's from Monterey Bay Aquarium! We haven't been able to watch them live at school this week due to the time difference, but if you would like to watch one evening after dinner follow the link: 

There are lots of exciting animals to watch! Sharks, otters, jelly fish and more!


Have a look at the learning Giant & Duckling class have been doing at home and at school!

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