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More fun with food 20.03.14

This week we have had lots more fun with food. We continued our Science learning about heating and cooling materials by making a chocolate refrigerator cake. The children were able to use their knowledge of doubling quantities of ingredients to make sure that we had enough cake for everyone. Everyone had a chance to measure and stir, and then there was the long wait before tasting! However,the children all agreed that it was well worth waiting for.
In addition, we have also begun to think about different food groups and how we should eat a balanced diet. To link with this, we have begun to plan the ingredients for a healthy sandwich, which we will be making and then serving at our Learning Exposure next Wednesday (26th). We will also be re-creating our Fruit juice cocktails to accompany these.
We look forward to seeing you there.
Another popular activity was creating figures using a variety of different fruit and vegetables. The children had lots of exciting ideas and it was great to see their imaginations at work. We hope to have the photos that we took on
display in the classroom soon.   

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