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'Ruthless Romans' Learning Capture 24.04.14

What a fantastic start to our new topic, ‘Ruthless Romans’!  Yesterday we welcomed the Crusade Re-enactment group who introduced us to some of the main features and characteristics of the Roman period. The children and teachers dressed up for the day and they certainly looked the part in their Roman costumes. Thank you to all parents for supporting us with this.
To start the day, the children were given artefact bags and they attempted to
determine what the objects were and who they might belong to. This was followed by a Roman drill session, with each child armed with a shield. The training culminated in the building of a tortoise defence formation.
The children learnt a little about the main gods and goddesses of the period. They then made their own statuettes of the gods and wrote some curse tablets.
Linking with our learning on Roman food, the children learnt about the daily life of Pompeians and the different types of food and drink available to rich and poor people. They also learnt how archaeologists have discovered more about the Roman diet from drawings, writing and coprolites (Roman poo!).
The day came to a close with an introduction to the different types of gladiators and their equipment and the children were then treated to a display of gladiatorial ‘fighting’.

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